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  • My husband and I recently bought a house and when we went to the closing, the Seller's agent said that there were four other offers on the proper...
    - Koranda
  • Originally my husband and I wanted to purchase a house and do the negotiating on our own. We thought we could lower the purchase price by cutting out...
    - Buyer
  • Jeff came into my life after the sudden death of my dear uncle. I lived almost 600 miles from Denver and knew nothing the night I arrived there. Tha...
    - Erin Seller
  • I imagine that it's easy to find a person who is good on the front side but once you get in to you home you wonder...will this thing really hold ...
    - Jackie and Matt
  • Jeff was very professional as well as personable throughout the process of selling my home. My husband passed away a few months before we started this...
    - Sinikka
  • Jeff was professional, knowledgeable, and responsive to our needs as we sold one house and bought another in a compressed timeframe. Not only did we h...
    - Collin Home Buyer & Seller
  • Jeff was such a valuable asset for our home purchase. He did a great job booking showings, negotiating, and also being willing to help each step of th...
    - Amy & Alan Home Buyer
  • Jeff was professional and friendly at every encounter. His personal style of showing properties was a nice balance of having the knowledge to answer o...
    - Home Buyer

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Homes for Heroes Program

How often do you hear stories about a family seeing a loved one off before a long deployment? How many times a week do you hear about the long hours teachers work, grading papers well after school is out for day? How about how often nurses end up working double shifts to make sure all their patients are taken care of? How many times have you opened up a newspaper and read a story about a true hero and wanted to show your appreciation to them?

This is exactly how the Blue Sky Home Group came about partnering with Homes for Heroes. Each member of our team has military in our lives such as life long Marines, 3 Star Generals and Black Hawk Pilots currently deployed in Afghanistan. We also have countless friends and family members who are teachers, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, CNAs, police officers, firefighters, and EMTs. We have always prided ourselves in the level of service we provide to everyone we conduct business with, and this program allows us to give back to those in our lives who work to make our community a better place for everyone.

How it works- Partnering with Homes for Heroes allows us to provide full service as usual, but with drastically discounted rates for heroes. We can now offer discounted lending fees, and 25% of the transaction’s gross commission is given directly back to the hero, whether they buy, sell, or both. An additional 5% of the transaction’s gross commission is also given back to the Homes for Heroes program.

Our team simply wanted to give back to all the heroes who are already in our lives, and to show gratitude to all the other heroes in our community. Our partnership with Homes for Heroes is a way we can do what we do best, buy and sell real estate, but do so in a way that shows our appreciation and permits us to say thank the heroes in our lives and community.

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our agents

Jeff Moore founded The Blue Sky Home Group so he could conduct their business with only the highest standards. Jeff became tired of constantly hearing about the bad name real estate agents are given, and decided to start a team of his own to prove these negative stereotypes wrong. He founded a team structured by high integrity and morals. The Blue Sky Home Group is happily under the Keller Williams realm, and the team has won awards in customer service in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Each member of The Blue Sky Home Group takes pride in the way they handle each and every transaction. Jeff takes a hands on approach are extremely involved in every deal as well.

5 reasons to buy and sell with Blue Sky

Experience- With over 14 years of experience in real estate, the members of the Blue Sky Home Group have certainly become masters of all aspects of the trade including, HUDs, cash deals, investment properties, foreclosures, and first time home buyers.

Customer Service- With its agents winning awards in 2011, 2012 and 2013 this highly rated team is fully committed to providing the best possible home buying or selling experience for their clients.

Integrity- The Blue Sky Home Group’s founding principle.  Every member of this team abides to strict moral and ethical standards, allowing them to proudly exhibit exceptional standards of integrity in all aspects of their business.

Competitive- The Blue Sky Home is full of skilled negotiators who more often than not have offers accepted, win bidding wars on properties, and negotiate fair and favorable contract terms for both their buyers and sellers.

Local Experts- With a team full of Colorado natives, the Blue Sky Home Group has an unsurpassed knowledge of the uniqueness of the state. Both of the team’s founders are avid outdoorsmen, giving them an exceptional appreciation and respect for the things Colorado has to offer. 

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